Request for Quotes Online: Miami Inventory or a Direct Container from the Far East

Did you know that you can select items and send us a quote request directly from our website? This has been a feature available for some time now, but many have not taken advantage of this useful tool.  

By utilizing this tool, the quoting process will be even faster by having the correct part numbers on the quote requests. Now, let us show you how easy it is to request a quote from our Miami Inventory, or should you want to purchase a Direct Container from China. 

  1. Select the Request for Quote Option on our Navigation Bar.
  2. Login or Register Online.
  3. Select an RFQ option: Miami or Direct Container from China.

Miami Inventory RFQ Option: 

  1. Select any items under any category and select the ADD to RFQ button to add to an item to the RFQ cart.
  2. Once you have all the items you want in the cart select the CHECKOUT button and then the SUBMIT RFQ button to send your request.
  3. You will receive a confirmation once the RFQ is submitted.

Direct Container RFQ Option:

  1. Select a Product Category
  2. Add the first desired item into your cart (Note: Once an item is added to the cart, additional items must be from the same Zone.)
  3. Once your cart is complete, click the CHECKOUT button and then the SUBMIT CONTAINER button to send your request.
  4. You will receive a confirmation once the DCP RFQ is submitted. 

Check out this new feature and we will update you on other features in the coming weeks so you can get to know all the features available in our new updated website. 

If you missed the previous feature breakdown, click the link to access the previous feature.