JAUTO Auto Dealership
Specialty LED Area Light

Wireless Sensor and Controls Ready
Area Light for Auto Dealer Lot


Product Description

The JADEMAR JAUTO luminaire series is designed to provide precisely directed area illumination in auto dealership lots, retail lots and other exterior applications for general illumination.

The JAUTO series features proprietary asymmetric optics designed with backlight and sharp edge cutoff characteristics to control light trespass and direct illumination for enhanced product display. Additionally, modular optic arrays are field adjustable to accommodate lot corners, property lines and configuration of display areas using the same installed luminaire.

Toolless entry and installation mounting bracket allows the JAUTO luminaire to be installed quickly and easily by just one person. Multiple pole mount tenon options provide for flexibility to mount in any type of new or retrofit applications.

The JAUTO series includes 10VDC – PWM – Resistance dimming standard and a NEMA socket for 3/7 pin photo for simple standalone control or integration into wired or wireless networked control scenarios.

Product Features

  • Thermal Sensing and Protection for LED Modules/Light Engines
  • 0-10V/PWM/Timer Dimmable Standard (DALI Dimming Optional)
  • Dim-to-Off
  • Auxiliary Power: 12Vdc
  • Input Surge Protection: 6kV line-line, 10kV line-earth (Additional 20KV Surge protector build into the fixture)
  • IES Types II / III / IV / V Optics with a field rotatable optic
  • 100-277VAC & 277-480VAC Options
  • NEMA 7 pin Socket Standard
  • All weather Epoxy Powder Coated Aluminum Construction ADC12
  • Adjustable Slip Fitter or Fixed Tenon Mount Options
  • 10 Years Warranty

Certifications and Compliance

JAUTO Area Light Auto Dealership Specialty

Rotatable Optics

The unique JAUTO field rotatable optic provides design flexibility and field adjustability.
Field rotation eases lighting design implementation.
Simple lens rotation generates different light distributions in different directions.
No change to fixture installation and EPA.

JAUTO Area Light Auto Dealership Specialty JAUTO Series


  • Auto dealer lot
  • Commercial and Industrial Parking lots
  • Wall mounting applications for industrial building where higher mounting options are required