JFP Edge-Lit
Flat Panel

JFP Edge-Lit Flat Panel Troffer Series

Product Description

The Jademar JFP Edge-Lit Series is a recessed mounted, flat panel LED luminaire designed for interior residential, commercial and retails applications where zero glare, highly diffused ambient lighting is required.

The JFP series features an edge lit LED design that provides seamless, glare free illumination in a slim 1.8in total luminaire and power supply width. A powder coated aluminum housing ensures corrosion free life span in damp or dust prone applications.

The JFP series includes 0-10VDC continuous / PWM / Rx dimming for use with existing control systems or for integration with building networked systems. The standard power supply is rated for normal operation in up to 122F plenum environments.

Controlled binning ensures both consistent LED color and brightness distribution across large spans of open ambient illumination areas.

The JFP series includes standard models for high volume applications where the most economical cost is required and high efficacy (HE) models for integration in applications where optimal energy savings is required.

Built-In JACS Bluetooth Mesh Networked Lighting Control

  • Apps available in iOS and Android Stores
  • Easy to configure lighting fixtures
  • Scheduling
  • Trouble shooting
  • Zone configurations
  • Scene management
  • High end trimming

Wireless Bluetooth Lighting Control System

Bluetooth Mesh Network Ready

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Performance Summary


Product Features

  • Luminaire & Power Supply Profile at 1.8” Maximum
  • 0-10VDC Continuous / PWM / Rx Dimming Standard
  • Damp Listed Aluminum Powder Coat Finish
  • Consistent LED Color and Brightness Distribution