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Product Description

The JRPRHB-NID Series of Natatorium Rated Premium High Bays are equipped with a plug-and-play sensor option. The user can easily scale the luminaire from an ordinary fixture to a intelligent fixture in three seconds.

The JPRHB-NID has a plug and play motion sensor with automatic dimming capabilities and on-demand lighting. Equipped with a wireless daylight sensor option, the daylight harvesting automatically regulates the use of the electric lighting in response to the amount of daylight available.

Product Features

  • Ingress Protection: IP67 Rated
  • Impact Resistant: IK10 Rated
  • Housing Construction: Cast Aluminum with stainless steel screws and with
    AkzoNobel Powder Coat Painting Durable for Harsh Conditions
  • Corrosion Resistant: 168 Hours of Salt Spray Testing per ASTM-B117-73
  • Frame Paint: AkzoNobel Powder Coat Painting Durable for Harsh Conditions
  • Occupancy Sensing: Results in energy savings from 15-50% annually
  • Auto Scheduling: with Smart Sensor updates to the schedule can be done right from a smart device
  • Task Tunning: Programming the output of an individual or group of luminaires to the level that provides just the right amount of light for the space
  • Daylight Harvesting: Regulates the lighting in response to the amount of daylight available
  • Load Shedding: Temporarily reduces the load of a system to avoid energy costs when they are at their highest
  • Zoning and Group Control: Group Luminaires and form unique control zones
  • 1/2” Threaded hole for pendant mounting

Built-In JACS Bluetooth Mesh Networked Lighting Control

  • Apps available in iOS and Android Stores
  • Easy to configure lighting fixtures
  • Scheduling
  • Trouble shooting
  • Zone configurations
  • Scene management
  • High end trimming

Wireless Bluetooth Lighting Control System

Bluetooth Mesh Network Ready

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JPRHB-NID High Bay Natatorium Rated

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JPRHB-NID Round Natatorium Rated Indirect

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JPRHB-NID High Bay Natatorium Rated