JPRT Troffer
Retrofit Kit

JPRT Troffer Retrofit Kit


Product Description

The JPRT series is a volumetric style troffer retrofit designed to provide soft, glare free ambient lighting in classroom, medical, retail and other interior lighting applications.

The JPRT series features options for dimming, control and sensors to operate with 10VDC or DALI dimming, site programmed daylight/occupancy control or interfaced with building automation networks.

The JPRT series is designed for fast and simple retrofit installation into existing troffers using existing electrical circuits.

Both Standard and High Efficacy models are DLC Premium rated with multiple options to achieve budget, ROI and rebate project requirments.


Controls & Drivers

  • Standard Driver: 1-10VDC
  • Optional Drivers: Continous 0-10VDC / Dali
  • Optional BWDS Control: Occupancy / Daylight Sensing
  • Control Programming: Jademar Bluetooth IOS/Android smart phone app. See BWDS Controller Detail page
  • Control Features: Grouping / Zoning / Scheduling Illumination levels / Discrete Credential Access



Troffer Retrofit Premium Intelligent JPRT


Performance Summary