JRUGC Series
Round Up-Light Parking
Garage Canopy

JRUGC Series
Round Up-Light Parking Garage Canopy

Product Description

The Jademar JRUGC Round Up-light Parking Garage Canopy Lighting series can be widely used in indoor or outdoor lighting (wet location), like parking garages, mechanical or electronic processing workshops, storage warehouses, steel mills, gas stations, toll booth, waiting rooms, the platforms of railway station, indoor stadiums and plant growing areas.

Product Features

  • LED high luminous efficiency and long working life
  • High efficiency LED Driver, the wide range input voltage AC120-277V and 277-480V optional
  • Die-cast aluminum cooling design allows for high quality and better cooling
    for LED Tj < 85°C
  • Excellent optics design, greatly improve the light utilization and evenness
  • Photocell, motion sensor control available (Optional)


Performance Summary