PSAL All-In-One
Solar Area Light

PSAL Series

Product Features

  • All-in one design: Perfect combination of solar power, LED, LiFePO4 battery, motion sensor, light sensor and timing control technology
  • Easy installation and less maintenance:
    • Integrated design without cabling
    • Can be installed on wood, bamboo, or iron poles
    • Can be mounted on wall surface outside any building structure
  • Long life span: Using high power capacity and long life LiFePO4 battery
  • Saves energy: Integrates infrared sensor to save power and lighting performance
  • Housing Material:
    • ABS Plastic for solar panel frame
    • Weather Resistant Metal with rust-proof coating for LED Housing
    • Adjustable mount Housing in Grey Finish
      *Bracket will fit up to 3” round or 5” square pole



Performance Summary