JACUDO TRIO Architectural Circular Pendant Luminaire

JACUDO TRIO Architectural Circular Pendant Luminaire

Product Description

LIMITLESS CURVE LIGHTING: JACUDO TRIO stylish lighting system, through the sublimation from straight line to curve, transformation from 2D to 3D, linear lighting is brought with a brand-new revolutionary experience.

The basic modules can constitute standard circular luminaires with the diameter of 39" & 59" for independent application. Multiple light emitting directions are optional: lighting downward, lighting outward and lighting inward. The light emitting modes are optional according to the scenes as well, so as to create different atmospheres.

Built-In JACS Bluetooth Mesh Networked Lighting Control

  • Apps available in iOS and Android Stores
  • Easy to configure lighting fixtures
  • Scheduling
  • Trouble shooting
  • Zone configurations
  • Scene management
  • High end trimming

Wireless Bluetooth Lighting Control System

Bluetooth Mesh Network Ready

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Product Features

  • Circular luminaires with different lighting directions
  • High quality surface treatment, three optional colors of black, white and silver
  • Adopt silicone flexible diffuser, producing homogeneous & soft lighting
  • Pendant cable and wire in one, beautiful overall effect
  • Two installation ways: pendant and surface mounted
  • Conductive Suspension Kit - Invisible Power Cord Standard
  • External Driver
  • 80 CRI Standard, 95 CRI Optional
  • Standard White/Silver/Black Frame Options
  • Warranty - 5 Years

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