JAPR Architectural
Round Pendant


JAPR Architectural Round Pendant Direct/Indirect

Product Description

This JAPR Series of Flush Mount Ceiling Lights are perfect for multiple applications. Our beautifully designed luminaire can be installed as a surface, recessed, wall, or pendant mounted light.

The JAPR Series has a minimalist modern design with multiple finishes in white, silver or black. Our modern LED ceiling light is dimmable that adjusts to the desired atmosphere and mood of your space. Ideal for hotel lobbies, office complexes, residential applications and retail spaces.

Built-In JACS Bluetooth Mesh Networked Lighting Control

  • Apps available in IOS and Android Stores
  • Easy to configure lighting fixtures
  • Scheduling
  • Trouble shooting
  • Zone configurations
  • Scene management
  • High end trimming

Wireless Bluetooth Lighting Control System

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Performance Summary

JAPR Architectural Pendant


JAPR Architectural Pendant