JFL-HAZ Hazardous Location Floodlight

JFL-HAZ Series
Hazardous Location Floodlight
(Class I Division 2 Group A, B, C, D)

Product Description

The Jademar JFL-HAZ series of Hazardous Location Floodlights are certified for use in the most challenging of locations with Class I Division 2 Group A, B, C, and D Classifications.

Hazardous Location Classifications

Class I: A hazardous location in which flammable gases or vapors may be present in the air insufficient quantities to be explosive or ignitable.

Division 2: Abnormal conditions, where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are not likely to exist under normal operating conditions.

Groups A - D: The gases and vapors of Class 1 locations are broken into four groups by the Code: A, B, C and D. These materials are grouped according to the ignition temperature of the substance, its explosion pressure, and other flammable characteristics.

  • Group A: The only substance in group A is acetylene because it is a gas with extremely highexplosion pressures.
  • Group B: This group includes hydrogen and other materials with similar characteristics.
  • Group C & D: The most usual Class 1 groups. They comprise the greatest percentage of all Class I hazardous locations.
  • Group C: Found in Group D are many of the most common flammable substances such as butane, gasoline, natural gas and propane.

ATEX Zone 1: A Zone 1 area is classified as a place in which an explosive atmosphere, consisting of a mixture with air or flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally.

ATEX Zone 2: The definition of Zone 2 is a hazardous area classified as an atmosphere where a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur, will persist for a short period only.


  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Dry Cleaning Plants
  • Utility Gas Plants
  • Gas & Diesel Stations

Performance Summary

JFL-HAZ Floodlight Hazardous Location


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