Sports Lighting Series

JSLW LED Sportslighter Series

JSLW Series
Sports Lighting

Product Description

The JSLW Sports Lighting Series is an economical and energy efficient solution for high levels of illumination over large areas including sports facilities, industrial complexes, transportation and shipping terminal areas.

The JSLW series features a range of wattage and optics to accomplish any scale of site and application requirements.

All weather, rugged machined and powder coated aluminum component construction ensures maintenance free lifetime operation in cold, hot or wet environments. Standard 10VDC dimming provides for optional dimming and remote control.

Features & Included Accessories

  • High efficiency LED Driver, Input voltage 100-277V / 277-480VAC
  • Optical design for improved light distribution: NEMA III, IV, V
  • Cast Aluminum Design with Heat Dissipation and Polycarbonate Lens
  • Excellent Efficacy: 142 lms/w on average
  • 12V Auxiliary Dimming / Dali Dimming and Wireless Lighting Control Optional


  • Football, Soccerball, Baseball Stadiums
  • Recreational Areas, Parks & Tennis Courts
  • Large Parking Lots & Airports, Seaport Terminals
  • Roadway and Bridge High Mast Applications
  • Refineries, Drilling Platforms & Oil Derricks

Sportslighter Premium (JSLP Series)


JSLW LED Sportslighter Series


Performance Summary

JSLW Sportslighter Series


JSLW LED Sportslighter Series


Remote Driver Solution Introduction