JFL-CS Low Wattage Flood

JFL-CS CCT Selectable Floodlight Low Wattage (15W-50W)

JFL-CS Series
Low Wattage CCT Selectable LED Floodlights

Product Description

The Jademar JFL Series of Low Wattage CCT Selectable Floodlight provides high efficiency, zero maintenance and extended lifetime in a rugged all weather housing.

The JFL series is designed for maximum adaptability in municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications wherever general area security lighting is required.

This product is designed for maintenance free lifespan of over 41 years at 12 hrs/day. Calculated L70 lifespan is over 182,000 hrs.

Built-In JACS Bluetooth Mesh Networked Lighting Control

  • Apps available in IOS and Android Stores
  • Easy to configure lighting fixtures
  • Scheduling
  • Trouble shooting
  • Zone configurations
  • Scene management
  • High end trimming

Wireless Bluetooth Lighting Control System

Bluetooth Mesh Network Ready

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Performance Summary

JFL-CS CCT Selectable Floodlight Low Wattage (15W-50W)


JFL-CS CCT Selectable Floodlight Low Wattage (15W-50W)


  • IP65 driver, input voltage 120-277VAC
  • Color Adjustable (3000K/4000K/5000K)
  • 1-10V Dimming
  • No UV or IR in the beam
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Energy saving and long lifespan
  • Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes
  • Green and eco-friendly without mercury


  • Fa├žade Lighting
  • Architectural Buildings and Monuments
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting