JPLHB Premium Linear High Bay

JPLHB Premium Linear High Bay Series


Product Description

The JPLHB series is designed to provide diffused glare free ambient lighting for warehouse, hibay retail, manufacturing and other interior lighting applications.

The JPLHB series features continuous 0-10VDC dimming standard and optional factory installed, programmable motion and daylight sensor control.

Factory installed emergency battery backup system features field selectable variable wattage settings for system design flexibility and maximum egress safety.

Field installable lens accessories provide narrow beam angle options for aisle and corridor lighting options.


Product Features

  • 130 lm/W Average Efficacy
  • Field Installable 30/60/90/120 Deg. Lens Accessory
  • Factory Installed Programmable Motion/Photo Sensor
  • Factory Installed Wattage Selectable Emergency Battery Back Up
  • 0-10VDC Continuous Dimming Standard
  • Low Glare High Diffusion Lens



Performance Summary