JSL-SOL Jademar Solar Sign & Billboard Lighting


Product Description

The JSL-SOL Solar LED Sign Light is an efficient and durable solar fixture. The fixture needs no electrical wiring due to its integrated design allowing for easy installation. During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity to charge the battery. At night, the lights turn ON automatically using the electricity stored in the battery.

The performance of the solar lights is dependent on the location of the solar panel and/ or weather conditions. The JSL-SOL Sign lights needs to be installed in a sunny position ensuring it receives 6-8 hours sunlight each day. Reduced sunlight will reduce continuous working hours at night.

Product Features

  • Easy installation
  • No electrical wiring required with integrated design
  • Turns on automatically at night and off during the day
  • The lights include an On/Off switch and built in battery
  • Battery can support 5-6 nights with cloudy days
  • When the battery is full charged in sunlight, the lights will operate up to 5 nights
  • Intelligent power saving mode increases lighting x 1.5 times
  • IP65 water and dust resistance

Field Installed Options


Performance Summary