Solar LED Batten
Tri-Proof Light Kit

Solar Powered Rotating LED Batten Light Kit

Product Description

The JVTR-SOL Solar LED Rotating Batten Light Kit is specially designed for retail and distribution market. Can be widely used in many applications, such as office, home, garage, caravan, carports, bus stations, warehouses, camping tents, farm tents, sidewalks & alleyways, emergency camps, aid tents, caves, or many kinds of temporary or permanent accommodation structures, etc. Solar LED batten light is a kit that contains everything - rechargeable lithium battery, solar controller and solar panel, easy installation in less than 5 minutes. It provides a high brightness level over a long period of time, continuous lighting output and built-in PIR sensor to save power if sunshine is not strong enough.

This solar LED batten light also supports working during daytime while being charged - under manual operation. By programming the remote control, you can increase or decrease the brightness as you wish; there are 2, 4 and 6 hour settings available. One 5V USB output is included to charge a mobile phone.

Product Features

  • Extension to Wall Switch: Light can be ON/OFF like a regular light by wall mounted switch, easy to use
  • Long light work: Up to 12 hours working. Continuous lighting output
  • USB Output: Backup to charge mobile, useful in emergency
  • IP65 Waterproof: for use widely outdoors, never worry water leaks in
  • PIR Sensor: Motion sensor function is available to save more energy

Buttons & Connectors

JVTR-SOL Solar LED Batten Tri-proof Light Kit

Performance Summary

JVTR-SOL Solar LED Batten Tri-proof Light Kit


JVTR-SOL Solar LED Batten Tri-proof Light Kit