Jademar is taking the following precautions in light of the Coronavirus threat in the USA:

  • All staff will be able to operate from their homes if necessary.
  • We continue to receive and process orders, business as usual.
  • We are watching website vigilantly and will continue to keep you informed should there be any changes.

The Chinese New Year and Coronavirus have created tremendous shortages of lighting products in the world market. Jademar is fortunate to have bulked up inventories and we are happy to report that we have begun production once again. Please take the above into consideration and send your anticipated orders now so we can assure to meet your demands.

These are uncharted waters for the entire world but the human race is resilient and now is a time we must work together to keep each other safe.

Jademar is committed to its families and friends and remains at your service during these difficult times.

Jademar Strong!




March 18, 2020