Special Newsletter

Special Newsletter



To our trusted and valued Agency partners.
For all of us, 2021 was a mix of challenges, opportunities, and successes. This was especially true here at Jademar Lighting. In addition to the health and safety challenges that we all shared due to the pandemic, we here at Jademar committed ourselves to continuing the unprecedented growth that we embarked on in 2020. Of course, growth at this scale is never easy and with the supply chain issues of the last year, it has been more of a challenge than any of us would have anticipated.

It is with the remarkable efforts of our product, sales, marketing, and management teams, working remotely literally around the globe, that we were able to move forward to expand our product lines and build our sales networks. Most importantly, it is with many thanks to you, our Agency partners that we were able to seize opportunities and build our revenue throughout this unpredictable year.

This commitment and successes provide Jademar with the ability to move forward in 2022 and continue our journey as a lighting technology leader. This journey has already seen the growth of sales revenues from the transformation of our customer service infrastructure and improvements in our product development cycles. The pandemic and the supply chain interruptions have taught us many things. Among them, are adjustments to make our supply chain and manufacturing less dependent on overseas sources by locating more components sourcing and inventory warehousing in the US. This coupled with added customer service personnel and automation has already begun to yield improvements and benefits throughout the sales cycle.

As you know, Jademar has been a leader in making intelligent and color controllable lighting a simplified and integral part of both the specification and commodity markets. This strategy combined with improved customer service capabilities and expert personnel will not only make us more competitive now but will also prepare us for the market challenges and incredible opportunities in years to come. We could not be more excited about the year ahead.

All of us at Jademar value the trust you have placed in us. Since 1954, Jademar has built a company based on that kind of trust. We are on the way to building new things and we appreciate that you are with us for the journey ahead.




June 20, 2022