A Few Words About Us

With more than 70 years of experience, Jademar Corporation continues to be leaders in LED Technology and Solar Lighting industries with our private brand, Jademar Lighting. Our focus and top priority are to provide our customers with high quality and long-lasting solutions.

As the technology continues to evolve, you can rest assured that our team will continue to introduce new products with the latest “state of the art” technologies available.

Trust Jademar Lighting products for any of your lighting needs. Let us help you choose the right products for your projects today!

Our Team


Joseph A. deMartino, Jr - Joined in 1976

          Joseph Jr. graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Science. His father, Joseph Sr. started Jademar Corporation in 1954, and Joseph began working for the family business in 1976. He and his brother, Gary, took over Jademar in 1985 and Joseph now oversees Jademar's finance, human resources, and administration departments.

          An accomplished businessman and highly respected leader, he has been able to navigate through volatile markets in Latin America and successfully transition its core products to LED technology. His visionary leadership has helped lay the foundation for Jademar's continued success by channeling all imports through the Foreign Trade Zone, as well as transitioning production into Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia which will ensure competitive pricing for their International and US accounts.



Gary B. deMartino - Joined in 1980
Senior Executive Vice President

          Gary graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Gary is the Executive Vice President and focuses on working with the sales team, both Internationally and Domestically.

          He oversees business development, having done business with second and third-generation companies globally since 1980. He and his brother have been traveling overseas to develop new products and managing the purchases for Jademar for more than 30 years.

          Gary also works closely with the production department and assists with the scheduling of orders. He is also involved with operations and manages the order flow with the warehouse personnel.



Erica deMartino - Joined in 2014
Business Development Channel Sales

          Erica graduated from Florida State University in 2011 and automatically started her career in Sales. She joined the family business in 2014, focusing on developing the Domestic Market.

          Erica travels overseas every year to source products, which allows her to have the product knowledge to deliver client needs. She focuses on developing and growing business relationships, and takes great pride in the 68-year-old company her family has built.


Matthew Kutuk

Matthew Kutuk, CLCP - Joined in 2019
Executive Vice President

          Matt graduated from London School of International Business with a Bachelor of Arts. A highly respected LED lighting industry expert, Matt brings 18 years of national and global business experience to Jademar Lighting. Having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, he has the proven ability to balance complex client needs to ensure the best possible lighting solutions as well as with advanced networked and non-networked lighting control systems. Matt recently earned his certification for CLCP – Certified Lighting Controls Professional.

          As Vice President of Sales in North America, Matt understands that clients rely on him both for his expertise and responsiveness, and he takes particular pride in his record of fostering long-lasting business relationships.



Randolph Hernandez - Joined in 1995
Vice President of International Sales

          Having started his career as an import’s manager for Levi Strauss in 1990, Randy joined Jademar Corporation in July of 1995 as the companies imports and customer service manager. Randy helped Jademar develop its import and order entry procedures. Randy quickly became familiar with Jademar’s electrical product lines and was promoted to international sales representative for the Caribbean in 2001.

          With a knack for helping and leading others, Randy was promoted to Vice President of International Sales in 2007. Randy has doubled our Caribbean business. Randy pursued training in lighting design and has become the company’s principal lighting designer for International Sales using industry leading AGI-32 design software.



Angelica Catalan - Joined in 2016
Representative of Sales - Central America

          Angélica graduated from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala with a degree in Public Accounting and Auditing. With a vast work experience in finance, commercial, and customer relations, she joined the Jademar Team in 2016. Since then, she has been the Sales Representative of Central America.

          Angelica enjoys being part of Jademar's International Sales Team and values it as one of the best opportunities of her professional career. Her commitment to service excellence and dedication has earned her the industry's respect. Angelica strives to make Jademar the best lighting and electrical materials supplier in her markets.



DAVID HAMMEL - Joined in 2019
Product Manager

          David Hammel is an NCQLP certified lighting professional (LC) with over 35 years of experience in entertainment and architectural lighting. David is a University of Colorado graduate with a Self Structured BA in Film Studies, Video Production and Creative Writing. Over the course of his career in lighting, David has transitioned from film and television lighting to architectural and commercial lighting.

          David was a pioneer in the development of color changing LED lighting for entertainment, as well as high output LED lighting for commercial and industrial applications. Drawing upon his wide range of lighting design and product experience, and after joining Jademar in April 2019, David primarily focuses on design and product integration for all types of applications.



Tania Goldstein - Joined in 2019
Lighting Design Specialist

          Tania has a degree in Industrial Engineering and got into lighting business. As she was once told, if she get into lighting, she won’t get out. And that’s what happened to her even though she`s been receiving several offers as Industrial Engineer. She`s working in lighting for about 12 years now.

          She does all kinds of lighting interiors, exteriors, signs, industrial, commercial, residential designs. She`s got several certificates in lighting before, including classes for better understanding lighting, AGI32, IES recommendations, some Day Lighting.



Maray Sanchez-Calvo - Joined in 1994
Vice President of Marketing

          Maray received her degree in Graphic Design from Penn Foster in 1999. Hired as a temp for only three days, she has remained a part of Jademar for over 28 years. At only 18 years old she began her career with Jademar while getting her education. Her willingness to learn and hard work has helped her navigate through different departments at Jademar, leading her to her current position as V.P. of Marketing.

          She’s worn many hats and has excelled in all the roles she’s been given, but her extensive knowledge in marketing and sales, parented with her creativity and organizational skills, has made her a pillar in the company.



Thalia Caballero - Joined in 2018
Marketing & Content Creator

          Thalia graduated from MDC in 2019 with an Associate in Science Degree in Graphic Design and is currently working as Jademar’s Sales and Marketing Assistant. Since she joined Jademar in 2018, she has shown to be invaluable to the sales and marketing teams. Her knowledge and creativity have been essential for Jademar's growth as she has helped Jademar’s presence in social media, and with monthly Email Blasts that keep our rep agencies and customers informed. Thalia's contributions to the Marketing Team as the right hand of the V.P. of Marketing has helped Jademar provide the tools needed by rep agencies and customers to know, promote, and expand Jademar’s business.



STAS BELIKOV - Joined in 2020

          Stas graduated from Kharkiv National University and IT Academy, majoring in economics and management, Graphic Design, and Web Development & Content Management. Stas is highly motivated and enthusiastic and brings over 14 years of experience in his field. Having worked on many projects in multiple industries in the past, his skills in multitasking, troubleshooting, and problem-solving keep our website functioning at the highest capacity.

          With his experience and knowledge, Stas has become a valuable asset to Jademar since October 2020. His passion for his job makes him eager to learn and improve his skills for the betterment of our company. Even during turbulent times like a war in his home country, Ukraine, he has not minimized his hard work and commitment. We are proud to have Stas on our Team!



Jeanette Ballesteros, CFE - Joined in 2010

          Jeanette graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s in business administration (International Management concentration) and has worked in the accounting industry for over 23 years. She joined Jademar in 2010 and has been a vital member of the team. She is currently a Certified Fraud Examiner as of March 2019.



Isabel Oduardo - Joined in 1997
Accounts Receivable / Procurement & Logistics Manager

          Isabel graduated from the Datamerica Institute of Computer and Business Administration and has worked in the lighting industry for more than 30 years. Her first experience in the lighting industry was with Hallmark Electric, and we were fortunate enough to bring her experience in Collections and Import logistics to Jademar in 1997. Isabel's ability to manage two of the most challenging jobs at Jademar has made her an integral part of our company.



Michelle Leon - Joined in 2005
Customer Service & Inside Sales Support

          Michelle graduated High School in 2000 and continued her education at Broward Community College. She joined Jademar Corporation in 2005 and has been a valuable employee since then. She is very detail-oriented and takes great pride in her work, and our customers love her!

          She works closely with our Sales team to provide excellent service and timely communication with customers. Representatives and is very detail oriented, takes great pride in her work and has excelled in her position.



Rosy Elias - Joined in 2014
Customer Service & Inside Sales Support

          Rosy has been part of our customer service team since 2014. Being bilingual, she works closely with our V.P. of International Sales and our Central America Sales Representative.

          Her many years of customer service experience have taught her how to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations. With her leadership skills and her ability to multitask, she has become a great asset to the company.



Melanie Francisco - Joined in 2022
Order Entry & A/R Department

          Melanie graduated from University of the City of Valenzuela with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management. She has several years of experience in Customer Service, bookkeeping, and record management.

          Melanie is part of our order entry department and works closely with our Sales team to provide excellent service and timely communication with customers.



Judith Ortega - Joined in 2022
Quotation Department

          With 15 years of experience in Shared Services Industries and BPO companies, Judith Ortega has served as a payroll executive for both the Philippines and Australia within the Human Resource Operations Department.
Her responsibilities included processing payroll and tax computations, timely submission of bank advice reports, and orienting employees with the rules and policies related to the payroll process.

          Meeting her clients' expectations is Judith's passion.



Megan Aling - Joined in 2022
Data Management & Claims

          Megan graduated from the University of Northern Philippines a with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance and has a background of working with Shared Service industries under Human Resources and Payroll and Benefits for a total of 9 years.

          She is experienced in delivering team member assistance, delivering reports, processing payroll, and guiding managers on HR policies and processes. We are happy to have her as part of our team!



Mary Grace Patio - Joined in 2023
Data Management & Claims Administration

          Mary Grace Patio is an accomplished professional in logistics and inventory management, overseeing purchase orders, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining efficient warehouse operations using SAP. She excels in picking and packing orders, conducting audits, and implementing pricing systems for accurate order fulfillment.

          Beyond her career, Mary Grace enjoys reading fiction books, hiking, and indulging in milk tea and iced coffee. Her commitment to precision and diverse interests make her a well-rounded individual in both pro and personal spheres.



Andres Villalobos - Joined in 2022
Production Manager

          Andres graduated from Florida International University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been in the lighting business for five years prior to joining Jademar.

          Andres is currently our Production Manager, and he is using his education and skills to efficiently run this demanding department with success.


Juan Andres Pabon Borrero


          Juan works alongside the Production Manager bringing his productivity and organizational skills to efficiently solve and expedite production tasks in a timely manner. He just celebrated his first anniversary with Jademar, and we are so happy to have him on board.



GRAY deMARTINO - Joined in 2020

          Gray is the newest member of the Jademar Team, joining May 2020. He is responsible for welcoming new guests and making sure no food is left behind. When he isn't working, he enjoys playing fetch with his mom, Erica, and swimming with his grandpa, Joe.