Lighting Design Layout Request

At Jademar Corporation, we employ cutting-edge AGI-32 lighting design software to craft intricate lighting blueprints for a diverse array of projects, ranging from roadway and commercial lighting to sports facilities. Additionally, we offer simpler lighting layouts to support both our agents and customers effectively.

With AGI-32, we have the capability to generate vivid color renderings, providing a lifelike 3D representation of your building or property. These renderings serve as invaluable visual aids for electricians, offering clear installation instructions and expected outcomes. Our drawings also include precise dimensional information, ensuring meticulous adherence to our guidelines during installation.

AGI-32's versatility enables us to create lighting designs not only from AutoCAD files (DWG files) but also from PDF files or Google images. For outdoor projects, utilizing Google Earth images provides a realistic backdrop, allowing for contextualization within the project's surroundings. Our lighting layouts can seamlessly integrate into your architectural plans, facilitating easy submission to city or municipal authorities for approval (we can provide DWG files). Moreover, all our lighting designs strictly adhere to IESNA standards (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America).

Outdoor projects benefit from using Google Earth images which provide a real-life back drop of the project in the context of its true surroundings. Our lighting layouts can be incorporated into your architectural plans for further forwarding to your city or municipality for approval. (We can provide DWG files). All of our lighting designs are strictly done to IESNA standards (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America).

Lighting designs are fundamental to Jademar's commitment to providing professional-grade lighting layouts with optimal solutions tailored to our customers' needs.

Please fill out the form/forms below, or simply contact us at [email protected] if you need our assistance with your next lighting project.

The Jademar Team

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