JVTHB Series
Vapor Tight High Bay
With CCT Selectable Option


Product Features

  • Housing
    UL 5VA Fiberglass (Fire Resistant) Housing, UL Approved for through wiring for convenient and safe electrical connections, and UL F1 Rating for Water Exposure makes this luminaire suitable for exposure and immersion in water expanding its potential applications.
  • LED Boards and Driver Trays
    The LED boards attached to a onepiece painted white steel tray and the secure installation with stainless steel retainer clips ensure stability and longevity.
  • Gasket
    The "poured-in-place" closed cell polyurethane gasket, which not only offers superior compression recovery but also prevents fungal growth, makes our housing ideal for outdoor and damp environments.
  • Latches
    The stainless steel latches provide security and durability with tamper-resistant capability enhances security and ensures that the housing remains intact and functional over time.
  • Optics (Injection Molded Lenses)
    The injection-molded lenses offer a smooth shallow profile, ensuring optimal light distribution and efficiency.
  • Optional Stainless Steel Lens Tethers
    The convenience of optional stainless steel lens tethers add value by preventing accidental drops during maintenance.
  • Acrylic (Impact Modified, UV-Resistant)
    The acrylic lens is available in either clear or frosted options. The 100% impact modified acrylic with UV resistance is ideal for areas with UV exposure, making it a great fit for outdoor installations.
  • Polycarbonate (UV Stabilized, Extreme Temperatures)
    The UV stabilized polycarbonate option is designed for areas with extreme temperature variations, such as freezers and foundries, making your housing a versatile choice.


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