Vapor Tight Slim HB
With CS Option


Product Features

  • Robust Housing
    Crafted from UL 5VA fiberglass, the JVTHB-SL Series ensures lasting protection. Non-melting, non-burning properties offer peace of mind. UL approved for through wiring, it excels in outdoor settings with a UL F1 rating. Meeting UL 746 standards, it's ready for water exposure, shielding your equipment from environmental challenges.
  • Efficient Gear/Board & Ballast/Driver Trays
    Innovative design defines the JVTHB-SL Series. Fluorescent sockets or LED boards attach to a one-piece white steel tray. Secure snap-in retainer clips simplify equipment maintenance. An integral hanger hook aids installation. Nylon safety straps enhance safety. Flexible ballast/driver placement options cater to diverse needs.
  • Impeccable Gasket
    With 95% to 99% compression recovery, the closed-cell polyurethane gasket ensures a snug fit. Preventing moisture intrusion and fungal growth, it maintains enclosure integrity over time.
  • Innovative Latches
    Experience latch innovation with the JVTHB-SL Series. CAPTIVE latches stay secure, LOCK mechanism streamlines maintenance, and TAMPER PROOF option adds security. Choose from Clear Polycarbonate, White POM, or Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel variants to meet your needs.
  • Optics
    The injection-molded lenses offer a smooth shallow profile, ensuring optimal light distribution and efficiency.
  • Optional Stainless Steel Lens Tethers
    The convenience of optional stainless steel lens tethers add value by preventing accidental drops during maintenance.
  • Acrylic (Impact Modified, UV-Resistant)
    The acrylic lens is available in either clear or frosted options. The 100% impact modified acrylic with UV resistance is ideal for areas with UV exposure, making it a great fit for outdoor installations.
  • Polycarbonate (UV Stabilized, Extreme Temperatures)
    Experience superior lighting with injection-molded lenses, available in clear or FR50 frost variants. Enhance visibility and aesthetics with precision optics tailored to your needs.
    Acrylic: Impact-modified, non-yellowing acrylic that thrives in UV-exposed environments. Ideal for areas with chemicals, boasting exceptional clarity: Clear Transmission: 93% and Frosted Transmission: 88%
    Polycarbonate: For extreme temperatures and high abuse conditions, opt for UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses: Clear Transmission: 89% and Frosted Transmission: 88%
    Three Lens Styles: Lineal Ribbed (low profile): Perfect for obscuring LED lamps, Smooth (low profile): Ideal shallow lens for uniform LED board lighting, Smooth (deep profile): Excellent for use with reflectors or wide distribution lenses


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