Why should overseas electrical and lighting
distributors work with Jademar?

Because we are a Foreign Trade Zone!

Jademar’s operation is a
Foreign Trade Zone in Miami:

The goods that we import from all over the world are not subject to duties or tariffs when we re-export them to customers outside of the U.S. This means our overseas customers enjoy our best pricing for all our products.

Understanding what is required:

In order to buy from our Foreign Trade Zone at our best prices, our customers must order at least $1,500.00 US and use a bonded freight forwarder to export the goods to their country. Bonded cargo requires U.S. customs paperwork that can take 48 hours to process. Once the paperwork is approved, we deliver your order by bonded truck to your bonded freight forwarder. Check with your freight forwarder for any fees associated with accepting bonded cargo. The fee should not exceed $75.00 to $150 per shipment.

Load your containers
at Jademar!

One way to avoid any type of bonded fee is to load your containers at Jademar. Any customer who places a container order with Jademar in Miami will receive free loading, handling and documentation.

Want to save even more?

Ask us about our direct from factory shipments. Jademar can quote the grand majority of our product line direct from our factories with C.I.F. pricing direct to the port(s) available in your country. Some of our products have minimum order quantities when ordered directly from the factory however we purposely focused our product offering in key locations around the world to allow our customers to consolidate products from many different factories.

Jademar has spent the last 68 years serving overseas customers in the Caribbean, Central & South America, Africa, Asia, Middle East and even Europe! We have decades of logistics experience coordinating orders and shipments to customers around the world.

We are a global company with global reach!
Join our family of customers today!

Factories that Jademar represents for export only