Established in 1954.
70+ years of US and International lighting industry experience all around the world.

Competitive Advantages:
• Well established domestic and global materials and product production supply chain provides dependable product delivery.
• Long established distribution and logistics relationships provides reliable sales process and project delivery.
• We operate in a foreign trade zone, which enables us to stay competitive


High quality product that meets the needs for both high volume commodity sales and feature driven specification sales.
Competitive Advantages:
• Domestic and global supply chain designed to fill the demand for small or high-volume projects while maintaining commodity level pricing.
• Product lines designed to provide features, options and accessories that specifiers and designer can use to lock spec’s and distributors to fill detailed fixture schedules.


Industry veteran professional management, technical sales and customer service

Competitive Advantages:
• Strategic product planning and development to effectively partner with Agencies and Distributors to meet present needs and long-term growth in various channels and segments.
• Professional and well-established customer service capacity to fill orders and delivery product on any scale domestically and internationally.