BT-SZ Bluetooth
Relay & Zone Controller

BT-SZ Bluetooth
Relay & Fixture/Zone Controller

Standard Features Included

  • Bluetooth® Mesh Technology enabled for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Flexible Grouping and Zoning: wirelessly group luminaires to act in sync with each other
  • Wireless Commissioning: convenient commission via smartphone or Wireless Bluetooth® Wall Switch, On/Off/DIM
  • Zone Controller: up to 16A relay allows for multiple high power load
  • Scene Control: pre-set various color and brightness for individual or group of luminaires under different scene buttons, arouse all settings with one button
  • Scheduling: schedule various scene in different time, repeat weekly
  • QR Code for Admin / Guest Control Authority: the system will automatically generate Admin and Guest QR codes for each zone by scanning the QR code, second phone will copy all the settings
  • Easy Wiring: dimming wires can be connected through conduit-size wires, external connectors or controller body